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National Galvanizing & Coating Factory

Conceived in 1996, to vertically integrate the value-add requirements of Abahsain's joint 
venture company Abahsain-Cope, National Galvanizing started production in 1998.

The plant is the largest in  Saudi Arabia, with  state-of-the-art  equipment and can handle 
structural lengths of up to 14 meters. It has a production capacity of over 20,000 Metric 

Galvanizing NGCF consist  of  six  distinct  work center,
Production,  Laboratory, Quality Assurance, 
Maintenance, Sales & Marketing and  Material
Management  Purchasing.  Each  work center
has  been  created  to  focus  on  a specific a
activity with a view to improve product quality
and customer service.

Located   in   the   twin   cities  of Al-Khobar-
Dammam, NGCF  is uniquely placed to serve 
the needs of major  fabricators  in the Eastern 

Central  Provinces,  as also for steel structure fabricated Kingdom-wide but for use in the
Eastern and central provinces or even the gulf. 

National Galvanizing  has successfully  completed 4  years in the business and now caters
to the galvanizing  needs  of  the entire production of Abahsain's joint venture. In addition,
it has won the trust  and  works  on  large  projects for the Petrochemical and power plant

It is envisaged that to  meet  rising  demand  for  epoxy coated products, especially in the 
construction industry, a coming plant will be added to the facility, in the future.

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