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Abahsain  in  close cooperation with Flowserve Corporation, the manufacturer of Byron
Jackson, Ingersoll  Dresser,  ACEC, United Centrifugal, Durco, Pleuger pumps and BW,
Duramettalic,  Pacific  and  Pac  seal  mechanical seals, have established a manufacturing
and services joint venture in Saudi Arabia. 

flowserve  Flowserve  /  Abahsian,  as  the  venture  is
called operates a large computer aided spare
parts  warehouse for  the  support  of its key
equipments  users,  like  Saudi  Aramco and
other in the power, petrochemical  and water
distribution industries.

Flowserve / Abahsain also operates the sole
approved service an repair workshop for BJ
submersible   motors   and   has   recently
expended  its  operation  to  include  service

and repair of pleuger submersible motors and rotating OEM equipment in general.

Flowserve /  Abahsain   has been  manufacturing  BW  mechanical seals in Saudi Arabia
since 1994. 

This  modern  facility   provides comprehensive local services to help customers in their
OVERALL  OPERATING  COST.  CAD  Design    and   computer   databases  having
application   references,   customer   installations   and  skilled experienced manpower all
ensure the most comprehensive customer support in Saudi Arabia.

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