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Carawan Furniture Factory

Carawan Furniture's was established in 1975 for importing furniture supplying to customers
and large housing projects for the government.

In 1988, Carawan  started their production of office and household  furniture's in their own
facility in Al-Khobar. This  includes  furniture's  based on foreign and self designs which is
more suited to local conditions. 

Saab Over  the  25  years of its history Carawan has
now  grown  to   become   one   of  the leading
furniture  manufacturers  in Al-Khobar with two
sales showrooms. More showroom are planned
to open in the coming years. 


Carawan has an excellent and skilled workforce
with  experienced  management  which ensure a
successful and continuously profitable operation.

The products range is as follows: 
  • Office Furniture's. 
  • Bedroom sets.
  • Sofa sets. 
  • Curtains.
  • Kitchens sets.
  • Dining sets. 
  • Cabinets. 
  • Designed Moulds.
  • Doors.
  • Tables.
  • Custom wood works and decor

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