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Omega Factory - Luminaires, Pole & Galvanizing

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Omega Factory for Luminaires, Poles & Galvanizing (Div. of Saleh Abdulaziz Abahsain Co.Ltd)
Established  in  the  year  1981,  is  one of the pioneer factories in the Middle East for Producing
various  types  of  steel  poles,  Highmasts &  Lighting  Fixtures  as  well  as carrying out hot dip 
galvanizing of steel material, located in the New Industrial Area, Riyadh, K.S.A.

Omega Factory is an ISO-1900:2000  certified  manufacturer and the range of products and other
technical development are briefly described here below:    


(Annual Production Capacity: 60,000 Nos)

Different  types  of  steel  poles  (ranging from 0.5 to
35  meter  of  height)  used  for  street   lighting  and 
transmission lines designed according to international
according   to    international    standards   by  using
sophisticated   computer   programs,  are  produced.
These products are manufactured using sophisticated
machineries. Various  types  of poles and accessories
that are  manufactured at factory can be categorized
as follows:

a) Octagonal  or  Round  conical  poles ranging from  0.5 meter, which are normally used for street
lighting  and  distribution  lines. These  poles are  assembled from one or more  section,  fabricated 
by pressing and forming trapezoidal steel sheet and then submerged are welding is  carried out to
give a smooth continuous weld .

b) Stepped poles are manufactured from  suitable  quality steel pipes, using a unique method of 
hot-swaged  joints.  Joints  are water-tight and the complete pole maintains strength over its entire

c) Polygonal  Highmasts   from   12  Meter   height   and   above,  with  rising / lowering devices  
are produced. Highmasts  are  normally used  for  expressways  and stadia  lighting,  open  parks etc.

d) Different  types  of  brackets,  arms, anchor  bolts,  base  plates  and  other accessories are also

e) Manufactured of all types of steel structure and traffic signal supports is also undertaken.

(Annual production capacity: 40,000 tons. Kettle size 12.8M x 1.22M x 1.22M)
Hot Dip Galvanizing of steel fabricated structure to any European or US specification is undertaken.
Omega Factory is an active member of US  Galvanizer's Associational. As  the  galvanizing process 
process increases lifetime of steel by five folds, all the steel material and poles, normally supplies are 
dip galvanized.

(Annual production capacity 50,000 Nos)
Omega Factory manufactures luminaries for street lighting,  underpasses,  floodlighting  and  garden
lights (decorative type).  A  wide  variety  of  luminaries  are  designed  and  produced  according to
specific applications.

There  are  more  then  thirty  different  luminaries / floodlight models that are produced,  covering
almost every fields of outdoor lighting applications.

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